Sunday, July 12, 2015

Summer Storm

After all that, a mere two-tenths of an inch?
Whatthehell! It didn't amount to much, at least not in our yard.

Fabulous lightning storm, but not nearly enough to show for it.
Oh well, better than nothing.

The north sky through the living room window about 10 o'clock last night .

It's still grey today, so we can hope for more. We need a downpour.


  1. I love the images, partic in the 2nd pic. Extraordinary.


    1. In the second pic, doesn't that cloud formation look like a pig's head?

    2. fabulous images! if I could send you all the rain we're getting this year I would, believe me. This is my first summer in Labrador (we usually go home to Nova Scotia) and it is CRAPPY but unusual I'm told. And luckily none of the usual forest fires.

    3. We've had a lot of those kinds of years here too, lately, with flash floods and the like. Unbalanced weather either way causes a lot of problems, doesn't it?

    4. Amazing photos. We've had the rainiest summer - nearly every day. Fire is always a concern of mine. Homes in my area don't survive because of the isolation. I suppose that's true for you, too?

    5. I'm not sure how to answer that, Reenie. It's true that farm homes are usually several miles apart and some miles from town (and the fire department), but houses burning down aren't too common around here I don't think. Up north where the wildfires are happening now, there aren't a lot of isolated individual homes but the communities themselves are more isolated.


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