Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Texting Machine

Me, 3:56pm:
Come for supper and I'll make spaghetti. Also have bread for u.

Me: 4:56pm:
Just took bread from oven. Come get it hot!

Everett, 5:20pm:
Just got your message. I better head over quick.

It was a windy day, which meant a reprieve from mosquitoes, so I went for a walk. Made it to the correction line 15 minutes away and was on my way back when who should come up behind me but ... Hungry Man!

"Go ahead," I said. "Bread and butter's on the counter."
So off he went, and I walked the rest of the way.

And this is what I found when I got into the house.
"Mom? Your bread gets an S. That's one level higher than an A. It's Stupendous."


  1. Kate, I do envy you the easy flow you seem to have with your sons! My daughters and I love each other with intensity, and our flow is not so easy, not so relaxed. It is wonderful to read about you and your sons!

    1. It doesn't hurt that they both live nearby so we see each other fairly often. That probably contributes to the flow!

  2. Makes me miss my boys something fierce.

  3. Me too, boy is gone away studying. I also want to testify to the wondrous bread of Kate. Today I will go out of my way to a special bakery and buy something of equal deliciousness for about $6 a loaf. When I say equal, well, I don't know, but K's bread really is stupendous.

    1. Thanks, J! and it's not hard to make. Here's the recipe and method:


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