Saturday, October 10, 2015

Looking Back Lessons

Why, in my journals, do I insist on putting date and time, rain or shine?
When reading back these things, I don’t even glance at the date.

What’s the next journal on the timeline?
Shoot, it’s only May. It’s still 1975 and I’m still at Luther College in Regina.

A lot of complaining, decent writing and what seems to be clear and intelligent though definitely teenage thought, and plenty of playfulness.

That playfulness is still around.

My mission, which I have chosen to accept.

I’ll work my way through the second journal over the next four days off. Most of it isn’t interesting; after all, been there, done that. But I find myself laughing out loud fairly often. Guffawing. Recognizing. Remembering. Gladly farewelling.
And anticipating burning, with some glee.

It’s gorgeous fall weather and Bev has invited us to Kuroki for a bonfire, but Scott is combining and we can commit to nought.


  1. So fun to look back at things we wrote in the past or to compare last year to this. Your post reminds me to look at some of mine. :)

    1. They're worth a look. Pearls of wisdom are, in my case, few and far between, but kind of fun to search for.


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