Sunday, September 25, 2016

Daily Draw at Letter of the Law

If you are interested in tarot cards and like to see how others interpret them — I always learn something from this — you may like to know that I've put up today's "daily draw" on LETTER OF THE LAW.

If I were on the ball and could stick to routine, this would be done every day. However, by now you know me. It's a crapshoot, my friends.

Do you read tarot cards? If not, have you had a reading?

Ducky Doodle has a bed in each room so he can be (comfortably, of course) wherever I am.  Here he is near my feet in the office, stretched out to take advantage of warm sunlight on the floor. 


  1. I would enjoy a reading. Had one ages ago. Does that count? By the way, love your previous posts and the cattle pics. Let me know how you make out on that combine.

  2. I have not had a reading for donkey's years so I am well overdue. I would actually love to learn how to do it for myself too :) xx

  3. Nope never. We had a Ouija Board growing up.

  4. I'm not sure I want to know what is in my future.

  5. I'm having a great feast of you at the moment, thank you for your prodigious and so interesting output. Can't tell you how much I loved the casket building and the love that went into it. A short story by itself - enter it in the CBC short story contest.
    You might enjoy The Daily Coyote which I loved back in the day, a great book, and understanding, of coyotes.

  6. In times of trouble I turn to the cards. They are just a tool to help me explore myself, it helps to guide me deeper into what my feelings are about... it is an unto-thine-own-self-be-true thing. Flashlights are handy too when things are dark.

    I only once had a Tarot reading done for me, but the woman who did it hated me, as I found out later; it was a very dark reading and I've never forgotten the misery of the reader'a own inner life, that she attempted to project onto mine. It would be lovely to have a reading done by a person with a balanced soul!


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