Monday, September 26, 2016

Please Make Me a Choir

My friend is joining a choir in the city and has posted a link at her blog in order to listen to it.
At the bottom of that post are some links to the One Human Family Gospel Choir Workshop that she and I participated in a couple times.

I took another listen to us (click HERE if you care to); I've posted links to this before in my own blog.

"Noble" is a song written by the choirmaster, Eric Dozier. The words are God speaking to us. It moves me to tears; not just the lyrics, but singing it too.

If I could be in a choir like this, I'd go to church (if I didn't have to sit through a sermon, I'd go for sure). My sister Karen keeps telling me I should, that I might enjoy it sometimes, and inviting me to sing with the special Christmas choir she leads every year.

You can see me at the back. I'm about seventh from the left, wearing a light purple scarf; I'm in the alto section and for a change I am not stuck in the front as one of the short people, even though I fit there. (Since when is 5'5" short? It may not be exactly tall, but it's not short!)

I'm the tightass who's hardly moving, compared to everyone around me. I hate the performance part of singing and stand there like a stick. Here at home, however, I'm up dancing and singing. Right now. Arms a-flailin'. Fingers a-snappin'. Head a-bobbin'. Feet a-tappin'. Hips a-swayin'.

But the singing itself, oh my god, I could live for that.

This glass of water for our dearly departed is being refreshed every day for 40 days, "so his spirit may drink." It's a comforting ritual to think of him for a few moments each time I refill the glass, and helps me reconcile with what is. 


  1. The glass of water is a lovely ritual Kate.

    I enjoyed your choir singing. I loved singing in the choir, but my voice isn't good enough to participate, as I found out in Grade four. It doesn't stop me from hearing music!

  2. A note to Maggie:

    Those grade four teachers did harm a lot of children because the adults they became are ashamed to sing. Shame on those darn teachers. We don't have to win The Voice. Singing is for our own enjoyment and most people can sing enough to have fun.

  3. I agree Julie, it is such a shame! I loved to sing until that experience. The thing about music was that I didn't hear it at any other time than at school, except a little bit on Captain Kangaroo, I had no experience with it at all, and had never practised using my voice to sing, it was unthinkable. I can soar with the eagles in my mind's ear.

  4. Hi, you ladies! To Kate, maybe some willing friend who knows lots of good songs can teach you some and then you can start your own choir.

    To Maggie: It is personal to me because I have helped so-called non-singers to sing and I am scathing towards the people who ruined a natural pleasure for so many people. There are so few people who can't sing--if they are tone-deaf and can't hear the difference between notes. I have only met one person like that in a lifetime full of choirs and groups and singing at home with friends. Ironically, the tone-deaf woman sang with gusto; it sounded awful but I was so happy to hear it, my heart was so very lifted up with the joy she was spreading!


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